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k2 way fundabundle

The K2 Way Fundabundle (Most Popular)

This bundle gives you access to our appointment scheduling software, video training series and patient education handouts in one package. Just choose one of three bundle segments to find the package that is right for you. The Basic bundle segment offer the Basic version of each product in the the bundle. The Advanced bundle upgrades you to the Advanced package level in each product. Finally, we highly recommend considering our Premium bundle which gives you our entire line of products at their highest package level. The Premium bundle gives you access to all the features and advantages our products offer.

K2 Appointment Online

K2 Appt Online

Immediately make your scheduling available 24/7/365 and personalized We'll show you how to make money from your scheduling system and delight your patients.


K2 Patient Education Handouts

"Education must be a part of the care." That's the K2 Way. As doctors most of us believe that statement, yet studies show patients only remember a thumbnail of what you say. That is true even if you are a great "in the exam room" communicator! Our patient education handouts reinforce what you did, or will be doing. As a bonus, the boards can be customized with your name, logo and color scheme. Furthermore, we will show you how to use them successfully.


K2 Eye Care Basics Video Series

The "K2 Eye Care Basics Video Series" is a full featured series of 8-24 educational training videos. The series targets office staff and offers them training on the usage of practice equipment and the fine art of servicing the customer. This series is broken down into three segments of eight videos each. You can purchase each segment separately, or purchase our Premium package of all 24 training videos.

K2 Interview Pre-Tests (+ Scoring)!

You won't be fooled again by candidates who profess experience yet lack the knowledge. Our interview pre-tests identify areas of strength and opportunities for training Hiring and training systems should work together and these pre-tests in Front office, Clinical/Technical, Optical, Insurance, provide you the knowledge you need so you won't be blindsided As a bonus, well even help you assess yourself as a doctor or your potential new associate for compatibility with your potential position.

K2 Airport Boards

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT DUE TO HIGH DEMAND! These boards offer real time monitoring of patient flow and end of day key indicator tallies!

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