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The Tiger Institute for Cooperative Learning began in 2010 in Franklin, Tennessee, as a way for Dr. Jeffrey Kegarise to provide education and professional development opportunities to the optometric technicians and staff members of his busy and growing practice. Realizing that he and his trainers had much to offer, and true to his passion for bettering the landscape of patient care, The Tiger Institute began offering courses after office hours and allowing staff members from other practices to attend. As the years have passed, so has the scope of the Tiger Institute grown, offering training and education to doctors and staff in Optometry, Ophthalmology and any branch or specialty of medicine.

Our Founders

Drs. Jeff and Susan Kegarise are graduates of The Ohio State University College of Optometry and completed residencies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As board-certified optometrists and Clinical Management Experts they have lectured nationally and internationally on improving health care delivery. The K2 management methods were recognized as one of three international office-based practice experts by The Institute for Healthcare Improvement. This prestigious honor led to participation in a national effort to improve the care delivered by all doctors in practice through the Idealized Design in Clinical Office Practice Project. Drs. Jeff and Susan's lectures in healthcare, consultations and personal interactions, have led practitioners toward enjoying the care they provide using innovative, patient focused service methods. Along with Cool Springs EyeCare, Drs. Jeff and Susan lead Donelson EyeCare, Performance Vision Therapy, The Center for Vision Development, K2 Way practices and offer many other specialty patient services. Drs. Jeff and Susan’s love of teaching and passion for improvement led to their first book, One Patient at a Time: The K2 Way Playbook for Healthcare and Business Success, a weekly podcast, "As I See It" (Apple, Google, Spotify) and Educational and Learning division, The Tiger Institute for Cooperative Care.

Our Experience and Faculty

The Institute was developed from a wealth of experience, a passion for innovation and a frustration with the status quo. Dr. Jeff and Susan and the distinguished faculty of "Tiger" and "The K2 Way" teach business foundations with a heavy dose of innovation, and a passion for creating measurable fun and memorable patient experiences. Through the "real life" operation of their working practices they have assembled a practical-focused education curriculum for both optometry and ophthalmology professionals that offers a wide range of training opportunities. Bringing together their own expertise and the combined experience of the Mastermind Faculty Team, the Kegarises' are dedicated to developing excellence in medical practice operations, healthcare teams and patient experiences. Our customized approach will help practitioners developing new practices, those in mid-career and especially those who at any point, want to create enjoyment and success in their work.

One Patient at a Time

The K2 Way Playbook For Healthcare & Business Success

Healthcare and clinical management have changed significantly over the years. The days of scribbled doctor’s notes are behind us as technology has made a distinct presence in the healthcare setting. Even with these advancements, efficiency and effectiveness within care may be lacking. More so, courtesy and a focus on the patient experience have often been overlooked. Rather than giving up, doctors are saying "there has to be a better way." Rather than tolerating poor service, patients are saying, "give me a better experience."

In their book, One Patient at a Time, Drs. Jeff and Susan Kegarise dive into the type of clinical care and patient experience that is often sought after. They believe that the most effective clinical and relational care exists at private practices. Their story gives you an insider’s look at a successful business-minded healthcare professional practice and its methods of strategy, operations and implementation. Most importantly it provides copyable and valuable insights, helping you make your vision of building a private practice a reality.

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