K2 Live Instructional Learning

A Weekend in Nashville

Often called The Foundations Course, this comprehensive on-site lecture series teaches you the important facets of building a business The K2 Way. Replete with practical courses on Leadership in practice, Implementable strategic processes, operations, finance, marketing, HR and other key, targeted business subjects, this coursework provides you a general knowledge of how to run your healthcare enterprise or any business.

Individual Star Series

Once you are a General, delve down deeper into 5 main domains of practice and business management. Become an expert in StOMPF, Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Personnel and Finance. Become a 5 Star General.

In The Clinic Observations With Leader Discussions

In addition to the on-site lecture series, most clinical and business leaders want to see it all in action. There is no substitute for the learning that comes from direct observation. The entire day is focused around you, allowing you to learn, see and then discuss with the Mastermind Team how and what to pursue in your own practice setting.

Regional Seminars

We call these seminars "Foundations-Lite." They are a great introduction to "The Foundations" courses and are packed with helpful, implementable strategies to put in place in your business. All topics in StOMPF are covered with an emphasis on you being able to "replicate and implement" the ideas in your practice.

Local Courses

We put on a host of clinical, leadership, operationally focused courses in our office every month. We can do the same for you. Talk to one of our faculty coordinators about customized courses presented on site in your office.

Please contact us today to learn more about these courses.