K2 Video Learning

Eye Care Basics

Online video and trackable training in the basics of an eye care office. 24 short videos with worldook covering Front office, Optical, technical basics. Take your newbie to eye care from no knowledge to understanding the fundamental basics. Also excellent for assuring a uniform understanding in your existing staff members!

In The Exam Room

Special video series showing the ophthalmic technician in the exam room set up and short cuts.

Management Training Series

This 20 course series in one hour courses trains your doctors, administrators, team leaders, managers and assistant managers to understand their role in management. Topics from HR, Finance, insurance, marketing, operations, scheduling and many more are covered in depth with exercises to reinforce the knowdedge. Don't waste money paying for airfare, hotels, meals and more when we bring world class customized learning to you and your team!

Executive Learning Series

Video series specifically designed to teach the Essential Eight areas of Executive Understanding in Healthcare management: Strategy, Leadership, Access, scheduling, Patient Flow, Patient Loyaly, Marketing, Finance and Business Critical Indicators are all covered in this 8 course 12 hour video series. Workbook included!

The K2 Way

You have read the book yet now you want more. You want us to teach and train the what's, why's and how's of The K2 Way. Easily digestibl le Lessons from the Healthcare Classic: One Patient at a Time: The K2 Way Playbook for Healthcare and Business Success. Bring the Dr's Kegarise into your office and you will never practice the same way again Your staff and patients will notice and you will benefit from this innovative approach to care and business management.

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